Teacher records class lessons audiovisually
Use Scriblr Educator – a mobile teaching & recording tool
Improve parental involvement with schoolwork
  View lessons over
  and over again
Tablets for learners are optional
Communicate with parents and learners
Lessons, homework and tests are displayed on the timeline
Tests are
automatically marked
to lighten your load
Be more creative
Classroom discipline improved
Share the workload
Teacher’s transfer of
knowledge is never lost
Simple but powerful timeline
Catch up on missed lessons
Homework can be submitted online
Average size of 5.5Mb
per 30 minute recording!
Tests improve memory & grades
View lessons anywhere, anytime
or Computers
Homework can be submitted online
Catch up on missed work
Increased parental involvement via notifications & access to class work
Child’s timeline is visible to parents
  Class recordings
  Lesson recordings
  To-do List
Track your child’s progress
Give your child the best possible future
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