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Scriblr Educator
The Scriblr Educator is a customized program that was specifically developed with the Teacher (who wants a user-friendly platform on which to write, using some kind of electronic writing tool, and more specifically who wants to record AND SHARE these recordings with students after school) in mind.

Download the Scriblr Educator (Please download the helpfile below as well).

Download Scriblr Educator Help file (Unzip to use).

Click here to download the snapshot tool.

When a teacher wants to use a mobile tablet as the writing tool in class, rather than an interactive whiteboard, the ScriblrPad must be installed on the device. Click here to see a demonstration of how innovative this is...!

Click here to download the ScriblrPad (recommended for devices from January 2014 onwards)

Click here to download the ScriblrPad for devices older than January 2014

Demonstration of recording quality